My 5 1/2 month old Cav Paris has been throwing up all morning. She got dinner (1/2 cup Evo w/ spoonfull of canned) last night at about 9pm. She was fine last night. This morning I let her out to potty, then put her in her crate and was going to grab her piece of chicken for her breakfast, when I came back she had thrown up in her crate. It was her well-digested dinner. Of course I didn't give her any breakfast. I let her take a drink of water, and she threw that up too. Any ideas why she would be throwing her dinner up now rather then last night? I don't want to rush her to the vet unless it needs vet attention. She was only out to potty for 5 mins, and I didn't notice her eating anything out there. I know my boss has given her shepards Pepto-Bismo for upset tummies before. Should I do that? She only weighs 8 lbs.