This poor fellow was rescued from one of the Dublin pounds just before Christmas. He went to a new home after that, but that didn't work out -- the classic case of a family getting a dog for the child and not really having thought through the overall picture. Poor Louie had gone from pillar to post, and no one had ever taken any time to train him (he didn't even know sit, and pulls hard on the lead, though he's only about three :cry: ). So his situation was suddenly very urgent as the second family didn't want him any more. I'd considered taking him since my folks are seeking a cavalier, but he'd have been more than my parents could handle, I decided with some reluctance, and with me in the middle of a move, it was the wrong time to take in a dog that needed calm and some training. I knew though that he'd find a home without too much difficulty -- he's very handsome, with lovely markings, and very sweet with people and other dogs; he just needs a gentle, firm hand and some stability in his poor life.

Thanks to a friend who does rescue work, he got his permanent home a week ago. icon_banana

Just a little uplifting story for a cold Sunday in April here in Dublin!

Here's Louie: