I thought I'd share with you some photos of a recent day out - the weather was just beautiful. Since then we've had gales, hail, rain and one morning we even woke up to snow

Our first stop was the Findhorn Valley - it's a good place to spot the extremely rare and elusive Golden Eagle, but we were not in luck that day. We did however see Peregrine, Raven and a Red Deer Stag who was really close to a house! We got quite close to him, but unfortunately misplaced the memory card from my camera with the photos of him on! It fell down the side of a cliff, hubby nearly went with it icon_yikes but was ok!

We drove up through the hills, and came across a dead mountain hare - rather sad, but the first I've ever seen, dead or alive.

A later stop was by the beautiful Loch Farr - a small loch, which you come upon by surprise as you round a bend in the road -

hubby photographing the loch!

Rupert waiting patiently in the car

and Princess Peaches

We then went to Glen Affric - on the way seeing a Red Squirrel crossing the road - they are quite rare now, it's the first we've seen in 2 years of living in Scotland.

The small birds there are obviously used to being fed - this little Chaffinch was trying to get into the car with me, to have some Hot Cross Bun!

The day was rounded off nicely with a sunset on the way home {Dornoch firth}