Due to bay area prices and buying madness outstripping my ability to pay or cope -- there were 25 offers on a house I last bid on, no rebids, and it went 25% over asking -- and not even in a great area -- I think I will remain this summer in Dublin and shift focus to Sacramento (hi rory!!).

I spent my high school years in nearby Davis, worked a couple years in Sac, and have dear friends and a favourite cousin there. Plus my parents would love to have a base for visits to old Davis friends, now that they've retired to the bay area. And I can goi down weekly and bring the dogs and stay a coupe, nights with my folks and work (as I cover the tech area as a journalist).

Close to mountains and river rafting, and close enough to San Francisco for trips there. Plus the market is much saner and my hard earned sponduliks go further.

So that's the working plan. It could all change yet again! But at least it means I don't feel under so much immediate pressure. The only problem is, I moved a pile of clothes to my parents' house on the assumption that a move was imminent and now am hoping it was my winter and not my summer clothes!!

It was just so exasperating this last trip. I think I need a long recovery before going back in and trying to buy. Oh how I hate trying to buy a house from thousands of miles away... :