CONGRATULATIONS BAWNIE on your precious new puppy

We're looking forward to a photo asap!! No pressure though!

Rupert had a large crate in the kitchen, with a cardboard box lined with vetbed for his bed. Puppies can be very destructive, and it doesn't matter if they destory the cardboard. Vet bed is excellent, if they do wet then the liquid soaks to the base of the fabric, so they don't lie on a damp patch. It's very easy to wash and dry too.

At the time we had a Westie, so Rupert wasn't on his own. But the first night I slept on the sofa with him in the crate, so that he had company.

After that I set my alarm to take him out every night.

I also took him out every time he woke up, after every meal, after play sessions/exciting events, and every 1-2 hours in between.
He very quickly grapsed house training, and was trained in two weeks - at 9 1/2 weeks. Some dogs learn quicker than others, and really you shouldn't expect them to be totally trained until at least 6 months, often 1 year.

Lots of praise when they go in the right place, if they have an accident indoors, then ignore it, and put them outside whilst you clean up. IF you actually catch them toiletting indoors, then say no and carry them outside quickly to finish off - then lots of praise.

If we have another puppy, then it will have a small crate next to the bed - more comforting for both of you, and you can easily tell that they are becoming restless and need to go out.

Remember, no running up and down stairs until at least six months, and lots of short play sessions to build up the muscles and burn off some energy.

You can start basic training too - sit, down, walk to heel off lead in the house and garden. VERY short sessions, just a couple of minutes, as they have very short attention spans.

At the end of the day, markings don't really matter - it's the character that counts, and we all have the most handsome/beautiful Cavalier in the World!!