Just thought I'd note that the tri young fellow who was being surrendered to the pound has gone to such a fabulous home. He had been mistreated by the family's kids -- now he is in an adult home with another older dog who is really enjoying him; on an Irish farm with horses, which he seems fascinated by! (mine like horses too). This week he goes to the meet his new 'grandmother' who is on a farm with chickens, ducks etc so he really has a whole new life and seems to be having a blast.

I'm taking in a poor little blenheim fellow that I came across being offered for free as a watchdog icon_yikes in a small ads magazine. :cry: The family are well intentioned but god love the poor little man. One of my rescue friends agrees -- let's get him out of there. Looks to be another backyard-bred or puppy farm dog in origin, no papers etc, but sounds all cavalier (apparently he prefers soft beds... ).

Hope to get him across the country to me this weekend or in the coming week and think we have a family lined up.

A *watchdog*...