I remember somewhere mention of cooking a chicken for the dogs and cats - I think it may have been Karlin, but I can't find it, sorry

Well the question is, how do you cook the chicken when its for the animals?

I normally roast a chicken on a rack, to drain the fat off, for hubby, and sometimes the doglets have little of this {but not the skin}.

I didn't know whether it would be better to either microwave it {i have one that microwaves and conventional cooks at the same time}; boil it in water, or even cook it in the slow cooker? I don't have a pressure cooker.

However they've both had colic this week {desperate to get outside and eat grass; refuse breakfast - this is really rare for Rupert, it's usually time to call the vets if he refuses food! ; Rupert had obvious stomach cramps - first time in almost 9 years and it's happened twice this week}

I've tried BIO - live yoghurt, Slippery Elm tree bark powder, Denes Gastric tablets, teh "usual" homoeopathic remedies etc

I've decided to give them a week of just chicken and rice, to "rest" their digestion, with a couple of tsps of BIO yoghurt daily.

Normally they have Burns dry organic food, a selection from 1/2 organic carrot, frozen green beans, organic sweetcorn, peas, apple.

They also have dried sweet potato, and homemade liver or fish {sardine, tuna or salmon} cake {a couple of sq centimetres daily}.

The colic doesn't seem to be related to anything they've eaten - Peaches has suffered from this on and off for several years, at different times of the year.