Is there anyone familiar with this? My little guy, Lester, is only 1 year old and suffering from frequent bouts of lameness. To be exact, he gets excited or exercises until his legs become useless. It started out as bunny hopping and has developed into all out tremors where his legs seize up as if he is having leg cramps and his back arches very abnormally as he tries to get around. Yesterday, he fell over and began shaking. I calmed him down and he was almost immediately better. I have taken him to 2 vets and together they ruled out syringomyelia, brain tumor and possibly he may have gotten a false negative on a blood test for myasthenia gravis. He needs yet another test for this which will might diagnose it or rule it out. I have spent all of my savings and currently swimming in vet bills trying to figure out what this is. He has had one MRI which was inconclusive and now needs another. I want to know if I am being swindled into needless testing and also what I can do to help my poor baby. Lester doesn't know there is anything wrong. He is quite alert during these episodes and doesn't seem to be in any pain. He had a bad day yesterday, today he is quite normal. He's my best bud, kind of a weirdo like me, silly, full of life and I would hate for anything serious to be wrong. He is an unusual animal; the most intelligent dog I have ever owned or met. It would be a crime to not have this thing at least diagnosed properly. If you could meet him...well, I'm sure all Cav owners think theirs is the best, but mine really is (for me)!! He rocks! If anyone has any suggestions on what my next move should be, please, please, please do not hesitate to reply.


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