According to feedback from the recent ACKCS Club show in the US, very few breeders or attendees went to leading UK researcher Clare Rusbridge's presentation on syringomyelia in the breed.

According to someone who did go:

"The SM seminar was well presented, not hugely well attended, and VERY disturbing."
What hope for this breed's health when the people producing the puppies are content to pretend the problem isn't happening. Ask anyone who has been in the breed for a while, and you will hear that this is a repeat of what happened with MVD. Except SM is far worse as treatment options are so few and so costly.

Just food for thought. I wouldn't even consider taking a puppy from any breeder not up front in discussing SM along with breed issues with MVD. As in, a breeder who does not go through this as a breed issue with a prospective buyer just as you would expect a good breeder to do regarding MVD -- without having to be prompted by the buyer.

Responsible breeders who care about this issue need to be supported so if you are looking for a cavalier please take this into consideration.