Leo loves other dogs, is shy around people, and never knows quite what to do with an overly friendly cat. However it is nearly impossible to resist Quincy's charms and he is persistent with the dogs -- he definitely loves the dogs more than any other creature living in the house! Though Quincy loves *everybody*...

Leo finally gives in:

And they all stretch out (so that I can't):

I think Quincy is never happier than when either lying on top of the dogs in the dogbed or being right between them.

At the moment he is testing out being an uncle -- I took in a little semi-feral kitten and he (and Ambrose, my big black tom) are both very interested in her. They spend hours watching her or in Ambrose's case, cleaning her and playing with her.

Here they are, just to add a few kitties to the mix! The big uncles do a bit of kitten calming and minding duty.

Uncle Quincy:

And Uncles Ambrose and Quincy: