Grima please don't worry about your English, you are doing brilliantly

How many of us know even a single word of your language?

Fuzzie bear, looks like your new babies are settling in beautifully - they are so lucky to have all the new toys to try out. How is the house training going?

LOL at Karlin - I confess that Rupert sleeps with us most nights too - he does have access to a crate, which he sometimes sleeps in, but we leave it up to him.

TeddyEdward and Peaches sleep in a crate next to the bed - Peaches had to be crate rested following surgery, and this allowed me to get her used to sleeping in one again.

I can't cope with all three up on the bed - they take up too much room! but they do come up for a while before we settle down at night, and again in the morning. If it's cold, Peaches likes to get IN to bed with us!