To update you all on my Penny, she has had about three good days in a row. No attacks at all on Friday or Saturday and only one on Sunday. She was starting to exhibit the signs of coming into season, so I talked with my vet and we decided to do her spay. She is there right now and they should be just about starting. On the way into the vet this morning, she had a pretty severe attack, brought on by the stress of leaving her warm, comfy bed and her snuggly "sister", Molly so early in the morning. But my vet says that this condition should not add to the inherent dangers of anesthesia, so we are going ahead with it. I am also having her micro-chipped at the same time, I guess I am being optimistic that we will be able to keep her with us, and am proceeding as though she will have a long life with us. If only wishing could make it so. Keep us all in your prayers. I'll let you all know how her surgery comes out and how she recovers. Normally my vet wants to keep post surgical dogs in his hospital overnight, but we are going to bring our baby home this evening. I think it will be less stressful for her to be at home than at the hospital. Hopefully this is the correct decision. I'll update you all soon.