Jake had a couple of poopy blow outs yesterday and it escalated last night. He went in his crate about 9:00 and woke me up at midnight. I've been up with him ever since. About every 1 1/2 hours he would go out and just squirt. Poor baby was very gassy and the sound coming from his behind would startle him so he would step in what he had just done About 5:00 this a.m. he started looking unsteady on his feet. I'm sure not what is going on. I took him to the vet's office this a.m. at 7:30 and they are going to keep him until the vet gets a chance to look at him. The lameness really has me worried. A couple of times I touched him to move him and he yelped. Then when I put him on the floor he would stand and look at me not wanting to walk. He kept holding up his right front paw and I checked it out but can't see anything (other than poop!) and it doesn't seem to be tender. He is also having some stiffness in his back legs.

I'm scared!!! The vet tech was not overly anxious so I feel okay there. And she was able to walk him back (with him looking over his shoulder barking like crazy at me) to the office. Broke my frigging heart!!

Hope to hear something before too long and will let you know. Cross your fingers that it's nothing and he's just exhausted.

PS If you check the "other" board you will see this same message. Just curious about any input anyone might have.