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Thread: rough night

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    Oh Cathy I missed all this; have been abroad for work for a few days. I am so glad he is getting back to normal. How scary! Jaspar too lifts one leg BTW when he wants something or is interested in something. Once or twice Jaspar has had bad diarrhea and he makes it clear how uncomfortable he is but he's not had anything that sounded as bad as this and I'd have not hestitated to do what you did; get him to the vets; you just never know. I've given a bit of pepto bismol and that has always helped. I'd guess he might have eaten something that really upset him; maybe something along the beach. Or something with a bug in it.

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    All is back to normal. The diarrhea didn't have me upset. I'm kind of used to it with him and I knew there had been some disruptions to his routine, so I wasn't surprised. I wouldn't have done anything had the lameness not happened. He was in obvious discomfort and really had me scared. He laid on the bed with his bed on my shoulder (normally he lays at the end of the bed and doesn't want to be cuddled). I pretty much lost it when I put him on the floor and he wouldn't (or couldn't) move, but just stood there looking at me with these big eyes that just looked so confused.

    Well, $500 later (blood panels, x-rays, fluids, antibiotics and a full day at the vet's office) it's just a bug. This morning's poops were almost back to normal. I think the biggest thing is the cancer always in the back of my mind. Better safe than sorry and soooo glad we have insurance!!
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