Hi! As you can see I'm new. I tried this post before but apparently I didn't get it posted as I can't find it! I have been reading some of the posts and came across yours regarding registries associated with puppy mills. Something I've become more and more concerned about. One of the registries listed was America's Pet Registry, Inc. or APRI. I am a little confused on this as I am familiar with APRI and don't have the same opinion. I understand that APRI ONLY accepts dogs that are already registered with AKC. In other words, all APRI puppies come from lines that originated in AKC. APRI claims that all of their dogs or their ancestors can be traced to AKC stud books. Your post said something (and I don't mean to misquote you but I don't know how to use the quote button) about the listed registries accepting dogs without any verification process or from the pedigree stated. I ask why they are listed not to challenge you but to understand. My puppy came with APRI papers and I do have some concerns about whether he could be a Cav/Charlie mix or just a pet quality representation of a Cav. I am a member of the APRI forum and have been satisifed with the info I've received from APRI and the folks that post there. I am aware that some folks question APRI but I've been wondering on what grounds since my personal experience has been good so far. I do agree there are probably APRI pups from puppy mills but unfortunately I imagine there are puppy mills in most any registry. I look forward to hearing your opinion on why they were listed. I hope you do understand I am in NO WAY trying to challenge you just trying to see both sides.