[size=7]The story of Assa
2 May 2003 - 4 May 2004[/size]

[size=6]I came from my breeder to live with my family when I was 10 weeks old. I was a tri-colour Cavalier. I was so small I fitted sat up on my Mom's hand, I was really excited but also a bit scared too to leave all my brothers and sisters. We went to my new home in our car and I slept all the way to my home.
Mum carried me in, and wow everything was so new and I spent all the day looking for something more new, I really liked it here the good smell of mommy, the really good food they gave me and all the love everybody gave me.

I grew up I was going 6 months big girl, I sleep on mum┬┤s bad and we took a long walks everyday, I have one really good friend here name is Snotra and she is my neighbour, she is a two years old border collie girl and we often meet and play together.

The Christmas is coming mom has told me then we get really good food and presents, the snow has comed and I love to play in it, on Christmas eve when everybody is eating the good food and I have finished mine, I went under the Christmas tree and fined a really good smelly present and I start to open it, oh wow there are these two big bones and a lots of dog treats and toys, wow is it for me ? Oups somebody is coming it┬┤s dad he laughs at me and says Assa what are you doing? Oh no┬Ł what did I wrong ?? Then the whole family came to see me and laugh of me, mom came to me and says that was your Christmas present you clever girl and takes one of the big bones and gives it to me mmmm it┬┤s delicious.

Me and mom were best friends ever and we were always together and I loved here so much. I was always following her and she was always holding me and hugging. I were here baby and here best pal.
I was getting one years old and mom was so proud of me, she had a little party for me, my friends came and we ate treats and bones together, that was so much fun then we went into games and a big walk on a place were we can run free.

Two days after my birthday me and mom are out for a walk and mom slipps of my lead and I ran away to kids coming over the bridge on the other side of a big road, oh no mom is calling me so I ran to her but different and shorter way over the big rode. Suddenly I┬┤m hit by a car. Everythings turn white and I see the way to rainbow bridge