Well at least he tries to be brave LOL. Maxx first met a horse when he escaped from the house we then lived in and ran straight across to the farm opposite. First thing he met was a horse who just looked disdainfully at him and then neighed. He almost died of shock icon_yikes hahahaha

Nowadays he'll bark at them on tv or from the saftey of his house if one goes past but if he sees one when we're out he runs behind our legs

He didn't actually do anything to the cat that attacked him, he'd literally just stepped outside onto the patio and sat down yawning. The cat seemed to launch itself from nowhere and according to the vet it was the third such attack by the same cat that he'd treated. He said one more and he would apply to the RCVS to take it in and remove its claws as it was dangerous and he was scared it would attack a child. It was my neighbours cat and when i told them what it had done, they laughed! Strange, but we didn't find it very amusing to see our baby in such pain :cry:

Prior to this Maxx would very often be curled up on our lawn with the old cats from next door or playing with the one from over the back. I don't think they ever understood why he kept running away as soon as he saw them :cry: