Here's something to make you all laugh. I've posted it on Angela's site too but thought I'd share it here as well...

Last night my hubby went to bed a couple of hours before me and as it was stuffy he left the patio doors open but turned the lights off. I too Maxx out for his wee before bed and as we have lights in the garden i didn't bother putting the lounge lights on.

Anyway, he wouldn't settle. He kept going downstairs and scratching the floor (he usually does this when he's hungry or if one of the kids has dropped a sweet or something and he can smell it). I tried everything to calm him down and thought maybe he was in pain so tried to get him to snuggle on the sofa with me, seeing as he wouldn't stay upstairs.

Eventually he jumped onto one of the chairs and started snoring so I went back to bed. THEN I heard this bump and more scratching but this time he was crying too. Needless to say I flew down the stairs thinking he'd hurt himself as I got to the lounge door I saw Maxx standing in the middle of the room and a blobby looking shadow move across one of the walls. My immediate thought was OMG a rat !

Maxx immediately dived across the room and kept getting into his 'play bow' - I called him and tentatively switched the lights on and moved cautiously into the room. As I did so I heard it move again. By this time I was wide awake again ...

I carefully moved the chair to see this enormous frog LOL - it must have hopped in through the open door as the house was dark and dry and Maxx thought it was wonderful.

I went to the kitchen and got a hge jug to catch it in then opened the door a crack to let it go outside. With that the little furry demon shoved me out of the way and was gone - he chased that poor frog all round the garden and every time it stopped he nudged it with his nose to make it jump again!

By the way it was chucking it down with rain and I was chasing this furry demon round the garden trying to get him back in the house wearing a pair of pyjamas and a pair of slippers. Good job our garden is secluded or my neighbours would have called the men in white coats!

Needless to say, today I am exhausted (was up all previous night with my youngest as his asthma was bad) and HE has slept all day! He is still looking for his new friend in the garden when he goes out there though :~)

Donna and Maxxy :~)