I don't want to name names, but Maxx's picture brought to mind a story about one of those chain pet stores that offer grooming services. We took in our Scarlett just being nosey and asking about prices etc. The groomer asked me if Scarlett was a SCHNAUZER!!!! I could have overlooked if she had thought she was another type of spaniel, but not a SCHNAUZER. That's when I knew they would never get a hold of Scarlett . I spoke to my regular groomer later about it and confessed that we were checking out the competition, and she warned me that many of those people are not trained well and just shave all dogs the same way and call it a grooming.

Poor Maxx. Isn't it funny how they know when they are being adorable--or in this case how they know when they have been scalped! LOL I bet he is dapper again by now, though!