I have a tri coming to stay with me, he's 5-ish and not yet neutered icon_yikes so himself will be heading in for snips asap. I want to check out his personality a bit before decided what happens next. He's been with the same family for his whole life so he's not coming from an unknown rescue situation but needed rehoming for circumstances that were understandable, two very small kids that a grandmother looks after were tormenting him, not intentionally but the grandmother was finding it hard to cope with her sudden return to daycare for daughter's kids plus the dog, who is shy around kids (as are mine). He's apparently fine with cats so I should be able to foster him for the time being; he does have a prospective home lined up after that. Should be fun; will get a pic once things have settled down! My two love having a companion so that I hope will bring him out of his shell.