As some of you may know, as well as being a Cavalier lover, I'm very keen on wildlife, particularly birds.

The news, from in and around the garden, is that the following birds fledged successfully:

Wrens, Starlings {in the old chimney!}, Great Tits and Blue Tits, Robins, Siskins and even Grey Wagtail {1st sighting from the garden, an adult with a youngster}

Sadly the Chaffinches didn't make it - there were two babies in the nest. One was out of the nest for some reason lying on the lawn - too young to have fledged, we think it must have fallen - and Peaches found it first. She didn't hurt it, just barked at it and although we rescued it and put it back, it died later in the day. Sadly the other one also died, it was much smaller.

The really great news though is that our {Barn} Swallows have fledged 4 youngsters...they left the nest Saturday afternoon.

One of my favourite species :-[, we have been watching their progress since the adults first arrived.