A professional DVD was made of neurologist Clare Rusbridge's presentation on syringomyelia in cavaliers to the 2005 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of America National Show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in May.

Another was made of her Canadian presentation, made soon after the US one -- two versions, one with the Q&A session, one without -- and this is now available.

This is an introduction to what SM is, why it is affecting cavaliers, and the latest treatments, thinking and research on SM by this leading vet neurologist from Wimbledon (Clare is the foremost name involved in research on this terrible condition).

Both are now ready; the longer Canadian version has a very complete Q&A and a good representation of all the slides and comes highly recommended, while the US single CD version is also well-produced and with generally the same content excluding the question session. Here is the information on the Canadian version (more info: http://www.candog.com/cavaliers/ ):

To order your copy of the DVD presentation: Contact Pat Barrington by email at: harley2@sympatico.ca or by phone: (905-382-0092)

Cost: $25.00 (Canadian $) for the Edited Version (Dr. Rusbridge presentation only) or $35.00 (Canadian $) for the Unedited Version that also includes introductions of key persons referenced within this review as well as the Question and Answer session. The DVD recording of this presentation was done as a fund raiser, with proceeds to go back into research of Syringomyelia and Arnold Chiari malformation. So please√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ we ask that you not copy this DVD for others. Instead, advise persons how to order their own copies.
The US version is available here (note it is BELOW the DVDs of the show itself, you may need to scroll down the page).

NB: I will be making one of these versions available to Europeans to order directly from this site but as yet the final details for doing this aren't yet worked out with the other parties. Watch this space and I'll update as soon as we are ready to go.