Thought I'd share my toilet training my two with everyone... lol

So... Ruby (4months) and Bailey (1year) have been really good... We put newspaper down in the corner of the sitting room. They go to the toilet on it nearly all of the time when they're indoors apart from the few accidents from Ruby.

So... we decided to start moving the paper closer to the door to eventually put it outside the door.

Only one problem... one of them is using the paper in the new position and one is still using the corner where the paper was ;o)

How can you tell which one it is? lol

We thought it was Ruby, but if she pee's whilst your there, she just does it in front of you, whilst looking at you and then runs to the back door and sits down. Shes so funny bless her - she already knows thats shes meant to go outside - maybe she doesn't know how to tell us...