Some of you are aware that we have had a few concerns with Peaches.

She doesn't want to go for a walk {but she does go through phases of
this} and has coughed quite a few times. She also appears "foamy"
around the nose area and mouth, and is generally just not quite
right - although she still runs in the garden, and leaps onto the

I took her back to the vets yesterday to get them to check her heart
again. Last time, in April, she was "worse than a 2" meaning she had
deteriorated since her op for luxating patella in March. MVD is graded 0 - 6, 6 being the most severe. {I was hoping to take her to a cardiologist in September, when we stay with my sister, as there is one about 10 minutes from her at Brentwood. The nearest to here is over 200 miles away... }

My usual vets were both unavailable, so I saw a locum. He was very
good, but extremely concerned, says that her heart is not good, and
wanted her in on Monday for an ECG, prior to starting medication. He
mentioned both diuretics and heart supporting drugs {vasodilators}.
The ECG will be transmitted to a cardiologist for review and recommendations.

Also she is due back in Sept for a 6 month check following her knee
op, and to see if the other knee should be done too. I guess they
will not want to operate now - too risky.

Peaches' sire and grandsire both died at 9 from MVD, they both
developed murmurs late but deteriorated fast. Peaches' Mum has a
clear heart at 10, and her Granny has a Grade 1 still unchanged for
some years at 13! I guess it's come from the male line, and my
understanding is that MVD usually affects the boys worse than the

I will post as soon as I have any news on Monday - I have to leave
her at the vets for the day