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Thread: Greetings from Sweden!

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    Default Greetings from Sweden!

    Hi everyone!

    I'm a happy cavalier-owner/breeder from Sweden. i live in the south of Sweden, about 140 km from Malmoe and 630 km from our capital Stockholm.
    I bought my first cvaalier in 1991, it was a ruby who I loved dearly. She was never a show dog, and after having her second litter I decided she was no broodbitch either.

    My second cavalier moved to us in 1992, she was a B&t from the famous Swedish kennel of Wholecoloured "Campanards".

    Nowdays I have one ruby dog "Elton" (Bedecan Happy Red Lucky Luke), 1 b&t bitch "Pyret" (in English it's "Tiny", Zeraphina's Fancy Face, my own breeding, with a clear heart at 4) and Pyrets daughter "Lillan" (in English "Baby", Zeraphina's Jacinta, only 6 months old ruby).

    I have breed cavaliers since 1993. But most important I have lived with theese wonderful characters since 1991, and oh whart much pleasure you get from them!

    I also have a couple of databases, one cavalier with over 60,000 entries but unfortunately so many of them are duplicates with different spellings.., one papillon/phalenen database with over 10,000 entries, one Borzoi with over 4,000 entries. Most of these are from Sweden.

    I also pt in all helath certificates I can get my hand on, to my databases, a great help whenever I am on the search for a new puppy, or a studdog to use.
    Proud and loving owner to Zeraphina's Fancy Face ("Pyret")
    Zeraphina's Jacinta ("Lillan") and Bedecan Happy Red Lucky Luke ("Elton") as well as the papillon-Dame Sagina's Karamell ("Godis")

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    The rubies in your avatar pic are so beautiful! Hooray, more wholecolour pics for the site! The databases sound amazing. I know what you mean about this breed; I think we all started with 'just one' and find we are hooked on their beauty and personalities for life.
    Cavaliers: Tansy : Mindy Connie Roxy Neasa Gus
    In memory: My beautiful Jaspar Lucy Leo Lily Libby

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    Quote Originally Posted by karlin
    I think we all started with 'just one' and find we are hooked on their beauty and personalities for life.
    Welcome Camilla! Love your avatar picture!

    Karlin - so right! I never in my life thought I would have two dogs. I just wasn't really much of a "dog person" before I got Jake. Now have number two. Eventually hope to have number 3!!
    Loving mom to Jake, Shelby and Micah


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