...with all of the illnesses and conditions that our darling
Cavaliers seem to be destined to suffer from my brain has been in
overdrive. Now, at the best of times I have a rather overactive
imagination (according to my nearest and dearest) but I'd like to
know what anyone thinks of my thoughts.....

IF (just for instance) you had a dog who had been neutered and then
at age 6 or 7 or whatever was MRI'd and heart checked and found to
be clear on both, it would be a great shame. BUT what if, you could
use some of the genetic methods involved like in cloning.

Would YOU let your dog's DNA be used (blood or whatever) together
with an MRI and heart clear bitch to reproduce and clone puppies?

They did it with Dolly the sheep and whilst I know she suffered from
some illnesses like arthritis in her later years I believe she was

I am sure that there are veterinary scientists who could do this ...

Am I totally bonkers or do you think it might just eradicate both SM
and MVD from our beloved breed?

I posted this on another forum but no body replied, I'd be really interested in anyones replies as my dog is almost 6 and has a very, very slight murmur (apparently it is hardly anything) and has just been MRI'd and we are awaiting the results - if he tested clear then I'd be more than willing to donate his DNA to be cloned and also have one or more of the pups. Am I mad? Cruel? What????????