Yea - Laura's guidelines are interesting, but obviously not 100% all the time! According to the guidelines, Rory would be 22lbs and he's still only 17 at 17 months.

He was very big as a pup and came from a largish litter (5 or 6?). He was 7lbs at 10.5 weeks!! i was convinced he'd be ginormous, but he just totally slowed down by 8 months and hasn't put on a lot of weight since! I think he was 15lbs at 8 months? Or maybe it was 10 months. I'd have to check the records. I weighed him constantly because I worked in a vet hospital, so just weighed him every time I brought him in.

Anyway --- he's daaaaaaarling and you're so lucky to have him!! Congrats! How's he getting along w/ the kids?