We met with a neurologist at the University of Mn today. He feels Abbey may have a disc issue in her lower back, so we are having a lumbar xray done next Friday, 8/12. She doesn't appear to be in pain, but when he examed her, he felt she was sensitive in her lower back area. He didn't find any suggestions of SM during his exam, but from the behaviors we've mentioned, he's interested in going forward with a MRI. He doesn't feel the disc issue and the SM symptoms are related, but he'd like to see the lumbar xrays before scheduling a MRI. We felt comfortable with this particular Dr, he's treated other Cavs with SM, some with surgery, and he went to Clare's recent presentation. I was very happy to hear that. He was also very supportive and receptive to the research I've done, which I feel is important. Over all I'd say today was good, overwhelming, but I'm so glad that we're finally on our way to some answers.