Karlin - you have to let me know how you like the Puppia harness. My co-workers all think I'm crazy and paranoid for thinking Rory has some weird neurological disease, so I made a bet with my coworker that if Rory does have it, she has to buy that harness for me! And if he doesn't, i'll buy something of equal value for her pup.

I'm thinking the green or the light blue would look nice on Rory, don't you think??

I'm worried he'll pull more w/ a harness -- think he's a sled dog or something. Does anyone have experience w/ the harness causing hair to rub off? They also seem annoying to put on/off... Can you tell I really don't like harnesses? And then what do you do about identification? Do you still leave the collar on in case they get out? I like my animals ot have ID on at all times just to be safe and I don't plan on leaving the harness on in the house...