Ok, I've done something wrong here. As you guys know Willow had done his business primarily on paper in an apartment. I have been using a crate when I'm not home and rewarding him for going outside. He caught on quicker than I thought he would and at times goes on command. There are certain times, though when he refuses to go outside (like if the grass is wet) and then will pee on the carpet as soon as we get in. This morning when I took him out for his second pee, he was just lollygagging around so I came in and left him out for about a half hour. As soon as he came in, he peed on the carpet, so he was out there all that time with no clue as to what he was supposed to do out there. He is good ALL night with me and good in his crate. Unfortunately I had dogs that have used this carpet before(it's been cleaned since then) and I'm sure he's picking up the scent. He takes a tremendous amount of time to "pick a spot" when we're outside. Do you think I should have my friend's dog come over and mark the yard? Would that help?