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Thread: Fetching and retrieving

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    Hi and welcome - no I would guess she's just trying different tactics!!

    Do you ever make a grab for her if she won't come to you - that may encourage this sort of behaviour?

    The best way to get their attention is to run away from them, preferably forwards in the direction they are travelling to start with, then in other directions to make it interesting.

    Also try throwing the object between yourself and a friend, to get her interest - and try different objects to see what she likes. Teddy doesn't like canvas toys, but loves fleece and other soft toys.

    Hope this helps
    Nicki, Tommy and Daisy (Shih Tzu )
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    Hi, Nicki. thanks for the advice.

    Yes, when Cedar comes close, I hold out my hands. If she veers off, I tend to lunch. It's a pain for me (literally!) but she's probably laughing hysterically on the inside!

    She loves to play chase, so we'll give the running trick a try. So far, I've been ignoring her when she does it (after the initial lunge), and she eventually comes over. Though sometimes she leaves her ring elsewhere.

    Speaking of which--her ring is her favorite toy. You'd think it would be too much for her, but she loves it! She likes to spin around in circles with it in her mouth. She gets so dizzy she has to stop, but when she's back to normal, away she goes again!


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