This morning at 6.15am I was awoken by my hubby to tell me that our rather large (raised) pond had decided to empty itself overnight :cry:

He'd been up since 5am to go to work and had caught most of the fish instead of having his breakfast so my youngest son and myself got up to try and catch the rest.

Hubby managed to get back home at 8.30 and we then discovered that the pipe that feeds the water back into the pond after it's been filtered had come adrift and just flooded parts of the garden icon_yikes

We had buckets of fish everywhere and one of the rather large goldfish must have jumped out un noticed by us.

Guess who found it???? Yup, his lordship, Sir Maxximillion. Little demon was playing with it and swiping it with his paw and chewing it :cry:

Needless to say the fishy is now at Rainbow Bridge and Maxx spent most of the day being sick - I guess goldfish sushi isn't that good for Cavaliers