Hi Mary Belle,

I've posted two pics of our pond below. Please ignore the fact that it needs repainting and also the bushes and mess surrounding it! We have been in this house for 2 years and spent the whole time gutting the inside of it .

The scruffy fence belongs to our next door neighbours (we are going to paint our side ) and the window is the garage - hence hubby's mess in it!

We are just about to start on the garden, though hubby put his pond in within weeks of moving here - a case of needs must - the fish were living in huge barrels and needed their new home LOL

The pond is built from railway sleepers (we bought new as it was easier to size them). Hubby started off by having to put metal bands around them to support them but he has now drilled huge bolts right into the wood so they will be taken off when we re-paint. We bought a huge pond liner and stapled it right round so it doesn't move and then put the wooden ledge on it! So no need for bricks at all - just a bit of ingenuity LOL

It is very different to the pond that I'd said I wanted, brick built from old bricks and 2 ft high I swear my hubby doesn't understand English LOL