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Thread: Another sad story

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    Just surfing the web when I came across this site. Had to register as I was crying when I read the in memoriam stories. I had a b&t ckcs, Colleen RIP, for the most important years of my life, when my dad passed away when I was 9 up until she died at 15. For a few years I was dog less (soulless) until I settled in Ireland.

    I had a room with a family that I worked with and we got 2 tricolour cavalier puppies in April ’02, Jazz and Pepper. As sisters they were inseparable, never arguing over chews etc. and totally spoilt. As time went on I got into a relationship and rented my own house but I left the girls with the family, as they were their life. People would ask how could I just give them up, but I didn’t see it like that as I could see them whenever I liked and the landlady didn’t like dogs. I have my own place now with a Lab x and a Dal, but still kept in touch with the others.

    The reason I came across this site is in May ’05 Jazz went missing and after searching for 3 days non-stop her poor young body was found. She had been hit by a car, small bit of blood around her mouth and ear, but only looked like she was asleep. Everyone was gutted and found it difficult to go home of an evening, they didn’t lose part of the family they felt like they had lost some part of themselves. Pepper is coming around now and starting to copy idiosyncrasies that Jazz had. I was actually looking for a young smallish dog (from rescue??) for a companion to her as college, work etc is going to leave her on her own starting in September/October.

    If anyone knows/hears of anything or has any suggestions we would all be really grateful.

    Thanks for taking time out to read,


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    Hi Bev and welcome to the site. I am so sorry to hear this sad story! The poor family, and you -- it is so hard to lose a loved animal. I think cavaliers are worse than many breeds for traffic accidents if they get out of the garden or house by accident and wander; as they are bred to be fearless (it is actually in the breed standard) they have no road sense at all. :cry:

    I certainly know someone to contact who does rescue and is an excellent judge of dog character -- TKC on this board. She often has smallies come in or would know of others in rescue. Why don't you send her a PM (just put TKC in the space for member name).
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    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Bev}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} That is so sad. I can't even begin to imagine what you, Pepper and the family must be going through :cry:

    Maxx sends you lots of licky kisses and I send you all hugs. As Karlin said, maybe try one of the rescues? I think Cavaliers need company. Maxx is a lonesome Cavalier but it's not out of my choice. I have a miserable family who 'won't let' me get another one

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    Have replied to your PM Bev

    Tara x


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