Took Elton, Pyret and my sisters tri-bitch Kajsa to the vet this friday, and got them all new certificates. They were all clear (but I swear, I wasnテつエt! If the vet would have listened to my heart he would most certenly have heard a murmur!
Elton is 2テつス, Pyret 4テつス and Kajsa is 3. Elton will mate Kajsa as soon as she is in season.

As he listened on Elton he said: when they are clear from murmur you donテつエt need to listen that hard because you now it! If they develope murmur at young age you often hear a different kind of sound when you listen before the murmur developes.

And today I got a email from Jenny, she has got a younger sister to Pyret, called Wilma.Yesterday they checked her heart and knees and it was all clear. Wilma is 3 y.o. Now they will take her to a vet and examine her eyes, and then maybe mate her. Her mum has a clear heart at 7, her daad got a small murmur at 6 but is still "alive and kicking" now 9 years old. His mum is great 11テつスy.o and still loving to go the shows. Last year she was second best veteran and second best B&t all ages.