If all goes well, and I am praying my heart out that it will, we will have a new sister for Molly soon. Penny's breeder, who has been in nearly daily contact with me since we had to send Penny to the Rainbow Bridge, has bred her tri-colour female and has promised me my choice of a puppy from the litter, which should be born in early October.
This will make a wonderful Christmas present, as the baby should be ready to come home about December 15th. Keep your fingers crossed and keep beautiful Sara, the prospective mommy, in your prayers as well. This will be Sara's fifth and final litter, and according to my breeder, she has, thus far, produced beautiful, healthy babies, three or four per litter. I miss my Penny. A new puppy to love will help heal our hearts. I titled my post "A New Sister for Molly" but I will be just as happy with a new brother. I can't wait to smell that sweet puppy breath, and feel those precious puppy kisses.