This book was recommended ot me by my local vet - it's mainly about thinking like a dog and training your dog. It tells you all about how dogs think of the dogpacks hierarchy and it's exceptional! The book is very descriptive about training and attitude etc i think it's worth taking a look at!

Louie is haing some status problems with myself only - he listens to everyone else in my family except for me and frequently he grabs my lace or trouser, growls while pulling it and tries to pull me to his place of choice. No matter how much i scold him he continues doing it until a different member of my family ,whom he listens to, tells him to stop!

My vet thinks that it is that he has grasped the fact that my parents and sister are higher than him, my other sister he doesn't really listen to but she doesn't interact with him much (she works a lot) but my vet thinks that he is fighting with me for the place at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Anyone encountered this before or have any good ideas?