If you checked for the site to automatically recognise you when you come to the site it is using a cookie to identify whoever did this, which looks like Steve. You can log out and then unclick the option to be recognised automaatically when coming to the site. Then you just need to enter your user name and password each time.

You can see who you are logged in as at the top right of the screen, where it will say Log out [username]. So Lillian you'd just log out then relog in as Lillian rather than Steve, or vice versa.

There's mixed responses to furosemide (called frusemide over here). Some dogs it apparently helps, some it helps for a while, and some it doesn't help much at all. I figure any time I can gain without needing to make surgery decisions is good -- I've already had an MRI and know where I stand with Leo from that standpoint.