Okay ...Have you noticed the words "What have you got?" Mean in dog ..Swallow Quickly!!


Whats in your mouth??? Swallow Quickly!!!

Dad was filling his pills and dropped a pill..cumadin(sp) Blood thinner..1 miligram

He called me in and there was Reggie crunching something... icon_yikes
That was a emergency call to the vet.

I did learn a lot ... They instructed me to give him a teaspoon of Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomitting right away. For 10 lbs.
We never found the pill and the vet told me that the quick response asured that he didn't get a large dose ..if infact he did get it..

What a night....but all is well..

Since ..he has learn all I have to do is question him and he swallows what he has .... Oh well....