He has known since the day he came to me (8 weeks old) what it means when the girls are in heat... and as he grow older he showed it to us by stop eating when ever the girls started.
But now he has mated Kajsa three times since friday, she lives with us all the time, and he eats very well!

The "hang" as we call it in sweden, when the get stuck, was about 38 minutes every time except for today: they broke their rekord and sat stuck together for 49 minutes.
After the usuall 38 minutes Elton wanted to leave, and looked very astonished and a bit ashamed when he realized that he still was stuck with poor Kajsa.

Pyret has come into heat too, but she is NOT going to be mated this time. To Eltons big disappointment, he thinks that now when he is allowed to be with Kajsa, the bitch in season, he thinks that everyone is allowed for him...

My little precious jewel!