I am NOT a happy bunny today. I am so tired I could scream
Last night I was soooooooooooooooooo tired & I had a thumping headache, so I though I'd have a nice hot bath & an early night

However, Maxx as usual, insisted on accompanying me to the bathroom. He lay by the side of the bath and then snored so loudly he sounded like a pneumatic drill I got out of the bath as it was hardly relaxing

Then I decided to go to bed - Maxx stayed downstairs with Daddy I was just dropping off when hubby came to bed - turning on every light upstairs including the bedroom one, the en-suite lights and his bedside lamp. Suddenly, thump, thump, thump Maxx was on his way upstairs - then he jumped on me and wanted a cuddle

He soon got fed up (just as I was nodding off again of course) and went on an exploration of the bedroom bin, dragging a magazine round the room and ripping it up, then off to the en-suite to lie on the nice cool floor - right across the doorway.... Oh got up to use the loo and 'bang' fell over Maxx! Maxx then decided to huff and puff in disgust & came and lay by my side - again snoring and grunting. Hubby was on the other side snoring and grunting as well :cry: so much so that I got up and left them to it! I think I must've gotten about an hours sleep last night.

Tonight I am going to lock myself in the spare room and leave them to it