We were at my parent's this weekend, and Abbey gave us all a scare when she choked on her dental chew. Besides the occasional Greenie, we also give her CT Dental chews, per our vets recommendations. Well, one became stuck in the back of her throat today, and my heart was racing as we trying to figure out just what was wrong with her. She stood up, started screaming so we immediatly thought it was a SM thing, although she appread to be walking fine but she wouldn't close her mouth. We got a flashlight and managed to get her --she went behind the table and pressed herself against the wall. I pried her mouth open and saw it suck way down in her throat--the whole time she was screaming. I tried to grab it, and instead it slipped down her throat. I grabbed a bottle of water with the squeeze type cap and gave her a few shots. She then lurched over and puked. She did this 5 times and then seemed to be OK. We then gave her more water, at this point she was drinking from her own bowl. She was pretty clingy for awhile and seemed pretty freaked out. A few hours later she had dinner and seems fine, but we're watching her pretty closely. I plan to take back the CT chews and tell my vet about this incident. If anything, let this be a lesson in making sure dogs are always supervised with this and or any other chew/toy.