Just a little update on the week ive had dog sitting. Shadow was extremely frightened when i brought him to my house on Monday morning. I had to go to work then so I left them both alone in the kitchen with a treat. My mom came home at 11 so they had company then for the rest of the day.

since then he has come on leaps and bounds he absolutely loves Lady and they play together and snooze together all the time. Its great having two cavaliers around the house, makes me want another all the more

Yes, there is more hairs on the sofa and the floor but i love having the two of them to cuddle with. They both sleep on my bed at the moment which Shadow doesnt do at home. He is going to be spoilt when he goes home.

He is going home tomorrow night but i want to keep him.

Having more than one cavalier really is the best way to go. I think Lady is a bit young though to get a baby cav again. She is still a baby herself.

Wishful thinking id say icon_crssedfingers