Sorry I haven't been around for ages - as you probably know, we are stopping in a caravan whilst the work is carried out on the cottage. We hope to be back in and organised for Christmas...

I then hope to have more computer time, and catch up with you all.

Just a quick update for now:

New addition, TeddyEdward has settled very well. He is getting much more confident, and I'm hoping to start training classes with him next month. It's his 2nd birthday tomorrow - I will try to get some photos up for you.

Rupert is doing great, he was 9 in June, still has a clear heart. His Syringomyelia is under control, he has several homoeopathic remedies made from conventional medicines - Medrone and Frusemide - in addition to other remedies, and he is back up to walking almost 2 miles again!!

Sadly Peaches is not doing so well, she has severe MVD, and is on Frusemide and Vetmedin, but is not settling on the medication. She is due back Friday and will probably start on Lanoxin {digitalis} as well.
She will be 7 in November.

I'm just about holding things together - think of you all and hope you're keeping well. Big cuddles for all the babies.