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Hello All,

We are hosting a seminar to help dog owners manage the effects Halloween. The details are below:

Every year, dog owners have to deal with the effects Halloween has on their dogs. Many feel unable and unequipped to deal with the behaviours displayed by their pet. Dogs can display varying degrees of fear and owners can find it difficult to overcome this. Some dogs find the smallest space to squeeze into, curl up in a ball and wait it out, while others become frantic when the fear takes over.

Many owners make the mistake of reassuring their pets in an incorrect manner, which only serves to confirm in the dogs mind that there is a problem. This in turn heightens the anxiety levels in the dog and adds to a severe reaction.

The evening seminar will be held to discuss these problems and offer solutions on how to manage Halloween time.

Items discussed will be:

What causes this reaction in our dogs?
How should I react to effectively deal with the situation?
How can I calm my dog down and help?
Products that can help my dog calm down
Sedatives and the effects they have on dogs
Providing natural alternatives to sedatives and drugs
The importance of keeping your dog enclosed and safe at this time of year
Q & A session

We will have a number of products available, which can help your dog stay calm around this time.

Qualified trainers and behaviourists will be available to answer specific questions related to your dog.

Remember, how you deal with Halloween this year will determine how your dog deals with Halloween next year!

Seminar Details:

Venue : The Davenport Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin 2
Date : 13/10/2005
Time : 7.30pm
Cost : ?35