As you know, we had Sam neutered only last Wednesday. He will be two years old next month. When we got Bonnie, he started becoming a lot more male if you know what i mean, started marking EVERYTHING and became very protective of Bonnie when we were out on walks.

I have noticed a BIG difference in him since the neuter but i thought that i wouldnt see any noticable change for at least six weeks. He's been marking a lot less, doesn't bark anymore (he used to bark at passing dogs when we were out walking with Bonnie) and he just generally seems to be a much happier dog.

I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed such an immediate change in their dog after neutering. Bonnie will be going in for her spay as soon as she is old enough and i wonder how it will affect her, probably not at all

LOL, just as i'm typing, Sam's here on the armchair pulling a blanket over himself, just had to share that, made me smile