Hello all!

This Saturday will be Darby's first ever dog show!! To compete in the AKC shows, she needs to be 6 months old... she'll be 6 months and 2 whole days!

I'm sure she'll be a little terror in the show ring! When she's alone, she's the perfect little "show dog," prancing along at my side. When there are other dogs present, ALL she wants to do is romp & play with them! I'm assuming the show stewards, judges and other exibitors probably frown on dogs running accross the ring to wrestle with the others! Either way, it should be interesting and highly entertaining!!

Rory, were you still planning on attending on Sunday?

If you think of it, any good vibes sent our way around 8am on Saturday or 11am Sunday would be greatly appreciated!!

We'll let you all know how it goes! Either way, I'm sure Darby is going to have a blast.... and that's what matters!