When i came home from work yesterday my dad told me a story that really scared me.

At the moment we are having our bathroom renovated and there was a guy in to plaster the walls. My dad was in the living room watching tv when the guy left after a days work. about 10 minutes later my dad went into the kitchen for a drink and called Lady expecting her to be in her bed or upstairs on the big beds (she goes up there alot). When she didn't appear he went upstairs and searched every room for her still not finding her anywhere. At this point he said he could feel his heart rising into his mouth at the realisation that she wasnt in the house. She has never been outside on her own in her life.

So panic set in and he ran out the front door like a headless chicken shouting for her at the top of his voice. He ran up the road searching for her but she was nowhere to be seen.

He said it was like the panic you feel when you lose a child in a supermarket and dread sets in. So he decided to check around the back of our house and sure enough, there is was. Altogether she was outside for about 20 minutes and anything could have happened to her. She was near a busy road and anyone could have picked her up.

Im so relieved that he found her.