I know people have been saying a lot about pet insurance on the boards lately, so I'm hopeful that everyone will be free with their opinions concerning a decision I'm trying to make.

I'm looking into getting Cedar on a pet insurance program, and I'm pretty sure we will be going with Pet Care Insurance Gold. http://www.petcareinsurance.com/us/dog/index.asp They cover genetic diseases and disorders, which is a must obviously. What I'm curious about is the two plans offered. One plan is the 70% plan. It has a reduced monthly premium (by about 15 dollars), but the insurance only covers 70% of any claims. The 100% plan covers all claims, but it's monthly premium is a bit more expensive.

Now, I know this probably is a personal preference sort of decision, and it matters what financially people can afford, etc. Still, I like bouncing ideas of people to see what comes back at me and sticks. So, if you wouldnt mind sharing your opinions, I'd appreciate it!