Hello everyone, my name is Fidelma and i was given this link from some kids person on boards.ie.

I have a cavalier bitch who is about to whelp this weekend, and i have a very sickely cavalier Dog who bless him is a chirpy little pup.

I also have with me at the moment 2 cavalier Pups, from my bitches last litter, which were given back to me some weeks ag to re sell as the owners are emmigrating and will not take the dlgs with them, this i have found to be upsetting both to me and my family of dogs, as teh 2 pups, now 1 year old are fighting with my little dog to be top dog and spraying everywhere.

I have them regestered with babs to be sold but no one seems to want pups of a year old, only small baby pups.

here is a link to my pups being born last year hope you like it, please dont visit the page if you are squeemish as its a bit graphical!!!

anyway im glad to be here and looking forward to getting to know you all... if you know anyone who might be interested in the 1 year old pups please do let me know, im desperate to find them a good home.

PS. i forgot to say that the 2 boys im trying to sell are both IKC registered, and vaccinated in full and are microchipped. I have the mother welcome to see her. they were fathered by a sho dag of whom i can give you details and papers.